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Monday, July 15, 2013

                Cool Trends That Will Make You Look Great!   

         Wear this PINK cute strapless tank top with a cute stylish bow on the front , with cool white cargo shorts!!!With these amazing sandals , you'll look amazing in!!We can't forget about accessories!! Find some cute hoop earrings that will match your awesome outfit (preferably PINK).  Slip on a cute pink bracelet (if you like bracelets :).  Don't forget a belt you never know ;) if you have some friends or siblings that like to play tricks (you don't want to be pantsed :D just to make sure ) Find a cute belt trust me just to make sure ;) And when you're done your outfit it should look some what like this :D


                                      Cool right! Looks cute!!


                                    Cute Hair Styles!!

                                          Water Fall French Braid  

1.    Brush out your hair. Leave your part as you want it to look with the braid. Make sure there are no tangles, because this will slow down the braiding process.

 2.     Grab the front of your hair where you want the braid to start. The more hair you grab, the thicker the braid will be. Divide the hair into three equal sections.

3.    Braid some the section. braid the hair using the simple method of right switch to center, left section switch to center, etc. The "base" braid should be about 2-3 inches long and should be braided towards the back of your head rather than straight down, this will allow the braid to fall flat when you pin it back.

4.     Switch to french braiding the hair. Again braiding toward the back of the head, start french braiding the hair. French braid as normal. "Pick-up" hair from the head and add it to the left and right sections as you are braiding. This will cause the braid to be "fastened" to your head as you continue braiding. French braid the section another 2-3 inches before you begin to create the waterfall effect.

5.      Create the "waterfall" effect. After french braiding another 2-3 inches towards the back of the head, begin "dropping" the bottom section and pick up an entirely new section instead as you go.
  1. When braiding the bottom section in, drop the strand and pick up a new section behind it.
  2. When braiding the top section in, pick up hair and add it.
  3. Repeat.

End the waterfall effect. Instead of picking up and adding (top strand), or dropping and picking up a new section (bottom strand) braid the remaining sections as normal.

7.     Finish it. Fasten the braid with a rubber band. Add hairspray for a better hold.
            This Should Be What  Your Hair Looks Like!!

                                         information from      
                    Watch This Video if you got lost :D 
                        click on the link below! 


                        Now that you have done your beautiful , hair time to do your make up! :D

                                      Make  Up!! 

                First of all you must listen to me , because trust me you do not I *repeat* DO NOT want to end up looking like this!


                                                          That is what i thought!!                

           Well first you have to get your own cover up , every girl has a different skin tone. Because your outfit is pink get some light pink eye shadow if you don't have pink get some tan/brown eye shadow.Grab your regular mascara (anything will work). Put a little bit of (tiny bit of ) light pink blush. For you lips get some bright lip stick , or lip gloss to make your lips POP! When your done you should look BEAUTIFUL! Just a hint here is  what you should look  like! 

                                 Lucy Hale!      

   Even if your make up doesn't  look exactly like Lucy ^ it's just an idea.Which ever way you did I'm positive you look amazing!!

                  This has been an update on Beautiful Fashion!

                         - Thats What Grace Said!!

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