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Saturday, June 29, 2013

What always makes me HAPPY! :D

                     What always makes me smile is babies. Everytime I see a baby laughing or smiling it just lights up my day. I have a little nephew that just always makes me laugh. I hate being sad or depressed , it's probably  the worst feeling EVER!! If you feel sad or lonely just watch this video on youtube trust me it will make you smile it's called " I don't like bananas" by pinkybear58! It has my nephew in it , it was his first time eating bananas he did not like them! ;) When I'm sad or mad I also listen to music. I love MUSIC!!! But never listen to slow sad songs or anything along that line because it will just make you more depressed or angry. Listen to upbeat happy music. Once you listen to upbeat music for a while pretty soon you'll feel better. Hope you liked my ideas! Please tell me what you do to make your self happy!I will check back and reply!
                                                 Thats What Grace Said!!!

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