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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two new products modelled to teen lifestyle!

           An interesting trend as the post-computer era emerges is the emergence of smartphones and computers aimed speciifally at teenage market, hoping to develop consumer allegiance to last a lifetime - two such products aimed squarely at the teenage market are the Hip-e, an all-in-one digital lifestyle platform and the SideKick II, the first smartphone designed for a market other than professionals. The Sidekick promotional campaign involves celebrity endorsement by the likes of Skateboard legend Tony Hawk, and the omni-present Paris Hilton.
                                                            The Hip-e
          1st the Hip-e is a great divice that teens will LOVE!!!By bundling instant messaging, internet, phone communication and music into one overly-styled package, hip-e is intended to be the focal point of entertainment and communication in a teenager's room.             

         The base for the hip-e concept is the hip-e node: a Pentium-based computer which is the docking station for hip-e music players, mobile phones, speakers and notebooks. The node has a built-in TV tuner and flat 17-inch LCD monitor which allows the unit to be wall-mounted or placed on the desktop. It can also be placed and accessed anywhere due to built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing for a wireless keyboard, and wireless speakers.
                                                    The SideKick 2


                2nd In a similar vein to the hip-e is the SideKick II, being promoted in the United States by T-Mobile. The SideKick II is a rebranded Hiptop from Danger Corporation, an all-in-one wireless communications device offering mobile web browsing, email, instant messaging, a personal information manager, game unit, and digital camera.

       The strength of the Sidekick II is that it comes complete with features designed to tackle the range of applications teenagers are basing their lives around; communication and connectivity are its buzz words.

        A 12-voice MIDI synthesizer plays the latest ringtones, and a swivel screen opens up to reveal a two-handed thumb entry QWERTY keyboard.

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    I found this to show you the new computer and phone.These devices are 
DEFINITELY  the new thing! I know what I'm going to be saving up for , and asking for Christmas because these electronics are in STYLE!!!Get them before they get popular so you can show them off to your friends! You can be the AWESOME one (And you already are ) and make your friends jealous. Trust me you'll be popular in know time!!! ;)

                                                  Thats What Grace Said!!!

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