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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Only One : Chapter One

Chapter One: Awakening

Pain, that was the first and only thing I felt. Of course, I was used to the feeling and emotion of pain. I was trained not to show fear, pain, sadness, happiness, love, hate, and well… any emotion, if we showed emotions we showed weakness. My fellow soldiers and I worked hard, pushing ourselves to the limit and beyond. Even with my 17 years of service, even with my 7 years of training absolutely NOTHING I learned would have prepared me for this endless pit of gut wrenching pain. The pain slowly got worse and worse, and as the pain increased my sanity and physical health decreased, and as these  two very different parts of me faded away in the eternal abyss of pain only one thought kept me going, this small, scrap of thought was the one and ONLY thing that made me keep fighting the overwhelming pain. This thought was only four meager words, hardly a sentence. “There may be more”, but deep inside me was that corrupting seed of doubt. As the seconds ticked by and as those seconds became minutes, and those minutes became hours, and those seemingly endless hours became days, I began to awake. The human brain is a unique thing, we never truly know the sound that wakes us. We can guess by mentally filling in the blanks, the only way we can possibly know why we woke is if it repeats. In my case the sound that woke me was very strange. It was sound most people don’t even notice as they are focused on sounds that matter to their current challenge or phase. My odd alarm clock was the I.V. They had stuffed in my arm bubbling, as i said before, it was a rather peculiar noise. As my eyes adjusted to the light I gained control over most of my body. I reached over to all the tubes they had shoved into my arm, and groggily ripped them out. My vision instantly sharpened as my body rejected the left over drugs. I stood up and silently gathered up my gear scattered around the room. I slipped my cross and dogtags into my button-up shirt. I double knotted my boots and silently creeped into the corridor. I hid my face in the hoodie I stole off the back of a chair in another room. I walked slowly forcing myself to walk normally, walking in a rush would draw attention to me. I slipped stealthily through the doors and into the sun baked parking lot. I walk over to a H1 Hummer that was parked nearby and smashed the window in with my fist. I unlocked the door and took the keys out of the ashtray. I pulled the H1 out of the parking spot, got out and walkover to the now vacant spot and left a note reading “Sorry for the inconvenience but I personally needed the car more than you. Have a nice day :).” I climbed back into the seat and drove away. I could feel all the power of the H1 as I speed away, it wanted to take off and be free. It was barely idling at 110 MPH, I couldn’t help but chuckle as it slowly speed up, "This is one tricked out ride."

P.S. The writer might not have been done but i posted it anyway because i figured you waited long enough.

                                -That's What Grace Said!!

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