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Monday, May 19, 2014

Nothing Good: Trinity Angle

Ch 1

My neighbors,our family,and a despicable looking brown dog. Which includes my parents John and Carrie Lester, my younger brother Zeke,my best friend George,his parents Trisha and Daniel Smith, and of course Chucky my dog.(I didn’t name him my atrocious little brother came up with that name. It is horrifying I know.) That’s what we consisted of as a group. We are walking on foot because my dad said that taking a car or a truck will make to much noise and we are too close to town. So we are walking. I am not sure how much food we have. Mom wouldn’t tell me.

She replies only in a way a mother would ,”It’s nothing I should worry about.” I don’t understand how she can say that when I’m walking on this long journey. To a place I don’t even know! We could be on our way to our deaths but she still won’t tell me where I am going. I try to make this as clear as possible when I am walking with her.

“Mom just tell me. Seriously. you can’t keep it from me forever it’s either you tell me or dad will just crack. Either way its a win win for me.” I say breathless from walking up the huge hill.

“ Alice, you don’t need to know anything you’re only twelve. Why are you so worried about where we’re going. Shouldn’t you be worried about lack of your electricity?” She asks critically. The sun was starting to set on the horizon. My dad who was always on edge. Like he thinks a wild boar was going to jump out of the bushes and attack us at any moment. Naturally a leader and not a follower he was the one we listened to in our group.
“Dad are we going to stop and make camp for the night.” Zeke squeaked. He has an unnaturally high voice. (Maybe he swallowed a helium balloon. Who knows?) Dad didn’t answer. Which worried me, anyone with ears can hear his voice. It’s like a train horn splitting into the silent night. Making every living creature want to shudder.
“Dad he’s talking to you.” I mumble irritated with his high voice. Dad finally coming out of his daze.
Focuses on Zeke and utters,”Yes I’ll take go see if I can find a squirrel.” With that he jogged away with is shotgun in his hand muttering to himself. It didn’t look like mom or even Zeke for that matter even noticed. I don’t see how they can be so oblivious to the fact that dad was acting weird. I don’t like seeing my dad like that. He was always peaceful and never worried. Now I bet when he walks back he will take shift for night watch.
George is playing with Zeke down at the bottom of the hill with Chucky. Zeke is on his back and they are running around with Chucky at their heels barking his head off. It’s not much but it makes me burst into laughter. It’s been almost two days and it almost feels we’re back at home. But then that moment is gone. It was a moment of greatness. But, lately those moments have been short. I must have been standing there thinking for a long time because I didn’t realize George was looking at me weird. Sticking out my tongue. I grabbed him and pushed him down the side of the hill. He doesn’t even seem fazed. He’s laughing all the way down. I wonder if he even realizes how much our world is changing, I seriously don’t care at this point. I lie down on the ground and roll down the hill, all my worries roll of me onto the green grass. Surprisingly I’m laughing when my body reaches the bottom of the hill. Zeke, who seems to never run out of energy, runs up to George and dramatically pledges him as his royal guard. (Apparently Zeke is the King of Everything awesome.)
I laugh,”Yeah go ahead George be the best royal guard you can be You're definitely fit for the job.” His face starts to turn red from embarrassment. It’s not like I wanted it to be offensive. But he must’ve taken it that way. He doesn’t say anything just glares and walks back up the hill to camp. With Zeke at his heels asking every little question he can think of. The grass is green and the sky is slowly getting darker. I decide I should be heading back to camp. i trudge slowly up the hill. By the time I reach the top everyone is around a fire and laughing. I want to join but I’m too deep in thought to even talk to anyone. So I just sit next to the oak that we happened to stop right next to. I’m not scared for myself yet. I’m scared that when we go to sleep tonight and I wake up and someone from our group will be missing.  I lie down in the grass and focus on everyone in our group.Making sure that I didn’t miss any details on their faces. The first person I see is my dad John and my mom Carrie. They both have dirty blond hair. But my dad has green eyes and my mom has bright sky blue eyes. Their hands are intertwined and they look almost at peace. They are laughing with everyone else. I can see creases on my fathers forehead from worrying. But they bring his character together. Coming forth with an amazing smile. Then right next to my mom is Zeke. He has bright blond hair and blue eyes like our mom. He is only eight years old so he probably just pictures this as an adventure. Not us being forced to leave our town. Then I see George. He and I have been friends since I could remember. We never fought unless it was over something stupid. Like who gets the last peice of ice-cream or cake. His eyes are dark brown and so is his hair. Next to George are his parents.Trisha and Daniel Smith. They sit next to each other laughing. They both have dark brown hair and eyes like their son. Of course Chucky is asleep with his black fur blending into the night. The only reason I can see him now is because he is sleeping next to the fire at Zeke’s feet. I don’t remember anything after that. I fell asleep in the grass under the oak tree.
Suddenly I’m awake. No one else is up except me. I feel a creeping feeling that something is going to happen. Something bad. Paranoid, I turn around and look at the bushes around the camp.  I look back at the camp where my family and friends lie. I am determined that I will protect them. I’m not sure from what exactly it is yet. But I know it’s not good. I scan around the smoldering fire. Making sure that everyone is there. Mom check, dad, George , Mrs.Smith and Mr.smith,and of course Chucky. Wait! That’s only six! Carefully now I focus on them. Slowly it starts to dawn on me. Zeke is missing! Frantic from the fear of him being gone forever. I sprint over to where he was sitting when I fell asleep.
“Zeke!” I whisper. I don’t know why I’m whispering. But I feel like I should be quieter than normal. I look around and then I notice,they are surrounding me. The men in dark blue outfits. I don’t care that they are surrounding me. I just need to find my brother. Then I see him. His eyes look red and puffy from crying. He must be extremely terrified. His arms and his legs are bound with a thick rope.
“Zeke!”, I scream. Dashing over to where is being held in place. But my body is not moving. I use all my force trying to my body forward. But I see no progress. One of the men take out a substance.
“This right here.”,he says his voice muffled from his mask. “Is a terrible poison that will cause your dear brother’s body to shut down. May I add that it is a horrifying experience to go threw.” His hand gesture suggest that he is very fond of doing this to people. he talks about the substance like it is and amazing liquid. That doesn’t harm people at all in any way.
“You can’t he is only eight!” I cried. He just chuckles. “I can do whatever I want” He jeered. “No you..” I mumble. I am at a loss for words. How can someone be so cruel. Then everything shakes. Almost as if it’s fading away. I can’t lose my brother. I can’t slip away from him and just leave him here. “Zeke!” I wail. Then it starts fading more and more until I cannot see my brother. Or the men who have taken him.
“Ali wake up.” someone says quietly. I open my eyes and leaning over me is George. I blink my eyes adjusting my eyes to the dark. It must be at least two in the morning. “Hey George. What’s up?”  I ask. “You tell me. You were over there screaming in your sleep. It starting scaring me so I decided to wake you up. Are you okay?”  He whispered. “No not really I just had a bad dream. That’s all.” I lie. To be honest, I am not fine. I just had the worst nightmare of my life.

P.S. Again I don't know for sure if the writer was done with this chapter has been waited on for to long.

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