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Monday, March 31, 2014


                      New books chapter by chapter are being written personally for my blog. They are two very intriguing, frightful, and adventure filled books. Chapters will  be updated every so often so keep reading!

             The first book is called The Only One, it's about Jack Valentin Nickolai being the only survivor of a mission gone horribly wrong..... 

             The second book is called Nothing Good, It's about a young,  twelve year old girl that is running from an unknown force that destroyed her town. All she knows about them at the moment, is that they dress in dark blue.  Her family,  best friend's family,and her dog. Are on a journey to be safe for now........

              Like I said these stories will be updated every now and again maybe, every two days or so. So stay tuned!


                            -That's What Grace Said!

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