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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ahh Excuse Me?!!

                LoL broke into my friends house (They really should lock the door) "not really" and found out she's some where else bored out of her mind!HA!Sucks to SUCK! Walking in the door............ Heading straight to fridge and being like "They have NOTHING good to eat!!" 

          Is this relatable?
       When your at your friends you do things you normally wouldn't do :)

Friends little brother running around like a lunatic... Me: "Bro, STOOP running around like a psycho because I'm not paying attention."

Scurvy people at my school.
Me: "You need a LOOOONG bAAAAAth"!

Me:"With what money"?
Friends: "Mine?"
Me:"Well that SUCKS!!"
so relatable

                                    -AHHH SNAAAAHHP

         Any who I was scrolling through the world wide web and found that hilarious picture.. 

   I asked my sister for some funny things that has been happening lately and she said "I pooped" ?????????????

Lol didn't see it til I looked at it twice :)

Oh, so we aren't the only ones confused????

Finding something cool at my friends house "I'm taking this, it looks valuable."

 Oh my gAwd I can't stop laughing..

So you don't get in trouble.. "Oh my GAWSHOOPHALOOEPOOPOO"!

     That's me! I would die in a horror movie...

          Lol that's how we do it!

    I do this everywhere I go!!

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